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STOC is actively involved in improving the upbringing and education of immigrant children and aims to promote the participation, integration and emancipation of immigrant residents.

At STOC, children and adults are given the opportunity to participate as real Amsterdam citizens in everyday life, school, work and daily shopping.
In addition to activities for children, STOC also organizes study information and school choice for parents. In addition to Turkish children, there are currently also children of Moroccan, Egyptian, Chinese and Russian descent.
There is an activity every day; Dutch for newcomers, men, women and children. But also guidance of primary school students to give them a chance in a good way, without lagging behind, through the flows to secondary education, by means of CITO tests training and information for parents about the school system in the Netherlands. This system is very difficult for outsiders to understand, without any explanation in their own language.
The culture is taught and propagated through the folk dancing and music-making classes at the saz. The children regularly perform throughout the country or in the neighborhood to introduce people and enjoy the beautiful Turkish culture. So we can really say that we are a multicultural society.

There is no longer any possibility for OALT (own language) education. That is why STOC has looked into the possibility of continuing Turkish language lessons.

We start on Saturday with two different new Turkish language lessons for the children, and we have free consultation hours for parents. Education courses are also provided and information is provided about the parent council and participation council at schools. There are cultural meetings and coffee mornings for women.


Highly appreciated

More than 500 former students have successfully completed the language lessons and workshops.


Over 150 students

Because of our wide range we have more than 150 students per year.


10+ Teachers Together

With more than 10+ professional language / subject teachers and volunteers, we offer various courses and activities.

our offers:


Language lessons

for adults

Dutch / English language course for adults


Turkish for children

Turkish language course for children.


Homework support

Special homework assistance for children and young people.


Turkish language course

Turkish language course for adults


Private language lessons

Prefer private lessons to learn the Dutch, Turkish or English language?


Music lesson.

Do you want to learn to play the violin, sas, keyboard or another instrument?


Folk dances

For young people

Folk dance course for children and young people from 6 to 18 years old.


Translation work.

Translate work into and from the Turkish language.


Other activities.

Other activities for young and old, such as Turkish cooking lessons or participation courses.

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